Trick to Finding Wealth

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We’ve all observed our fair share of people who have had financial success and others who were not so successful. What lessons can they teach us? What is still a financial reality, and what is a myth in today’s world?

Here are four financial tips that can apply to anyone, including entrepreneurs setting out on their own.

Five Qualities of Great Logo Design

Muse StaffBlog

Logo design is a joy and sometimes a challenge. At this point in my career, I’ve designed hundreds of logos. Some clients come to me with very definite ideas for their logo and branding. Others have few ideas, and after meeting with these clients and asking many questions, we develop a direction. Labor ensues, and if both client and designer stay on task, a great logo is born.

What is Branding?

Muse StaffBlog

Most business owners understand the value of creating quality marketing pieces to build a trusted brand. But many don’t realize how much care and effort is required to build and maintain a brand. The first thing start-ups do is to pick a name for the purpose of identifying themselves. This is actually the first step of your branding process. Unfortunately, when some companies come in to Ohno Design asking for help with their visual identity, the name they have chosen may only make sense to them.