Small businesses equals big jobs.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has established size standards for small businesses that vary by industry, based on the number of employees and average annual receipts. Small businesses have a proud history as job creators.





Erin Strang
President + CEO, CMURC

Lack of talent, or people without the “right skills” to help an organization leap the smallest of barriers, is something that is commonly discussed in business circles today.

So, what’s led to this phenomenon? Why are people so “untalented” today? Have we become a society of dummies? And if so, how do we change?

We need to grow the CEOs, the leaders, and the problem-solvers in business.

These are people who think critically to move a business forward or to keep it ahead of the curve. All businesses— whether currently in development or those having been established long ago—need a leader who is willing to dig in and work alongside the team. Why? Because the business of business is hard work.

A successful business requires someone with common sense, who can think around a problem and has the willingness to pitch in, to lead it. I have been a CEO for more than eight years, but I still get my hands dirty, plunge toilets, and brew coffee.

Making a difference, following your passion, and building a business requires critical-thinking skills, ingenuity, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Here in MUSE you’ll get the uncensored truth about being an entrepreneur. It’s the information you need to know—but might not know to ask.

Use this information as a guide to do something to inspire us all.

Dime a Dozen

Remember to always show people how and why you are different from the rest. Make sure you leave a positive, lasting impression in everything you do.

Blessing in Disguise

Do something. Get Started. The path will never be exactly as you planned, but in the end it could be better than you imagined.

Get Caught Up in the
Heat of the Moment

Be thoughtful. Strategy and having a plan are important. Sometimes the best outcomes come from long-term planning, Being patient, and remaining persistent.

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