Accelerate Your Career by Applying the Proven Leadership Traits and Actions of Every Great Leader

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Accelerate Your Career by Applying the Proven Leadership Traits and Actions of Every Great Leader

Unleash the Leader Within

By: Mark Johnston, Johnston Consulting

What is your vision for your future? How bad do you want it? How committed are you to achieving your dreams and goals? Are you willing to overcome your fears, take the leap, work hard, and learn from your mistakes? If so, you already have the core tenets to being a great leader. No matter what book you read or leader you know, every great leader achieves success by demonstrating these three things – Inspiration, Perspiration, and Stick-To-It-iveness. Now it’s time to build off the foundation and begin learning and applying the skills, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to propel you to the next level of your career and life by joining others just like you on this leadership journey to sit at the round table of leadership.

Every successful leader is driven by a vision of the future. Their vision evolved into a personal passion motivating them take a risk and initiate action. Taking a leap of faith with a clear purpose and a vision of the future they committed to their vision, assembled a team, communicated their vision getting buy-in from the team, built their strategies and tactics, and executed a plan for success with the goal of making their vision reality.

Thomas Edison who is credited with countless inventions and over 1,093 patents said, ‘Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Passion for your idea is the fuel that motivates you to put in the work to achieve success. Success comes from the sweat equity you put in each day executing the tactics to reach your goals and attain your vision.

Business owners and leaders who have heart, never give up, demonstrate resilience, and are continuous learners who recover quickly are destine for success. More often than not, businesses or teams that fail, fail as a result of a lack of intestinal fortitude and failure to execute, always overcoming and adapting to an ever changing business environment.

King Arthur’s Leadership Round Table
King Arthur fostered a culture of leadership and inclusion where each of his knights had equal standing. He and his leadership team sat at a round table where everyone could engage in conversation. The round table brought him closer to his court and facilitated collaboration, team work, comradery, and communication.

Leaders today understand that communication and collaboration must be fostered throughout the entire organization, and that the decision-making process must be opened to anyone who can offer insight and wisdom.

While King Arthur knew he was ultimately responsible for inspiring success or decisions leading to failure, he had the wisdom to surround himself with others with varying degrees of expertise, skills, and knowledge.

King Arthur also knew that leaders were not born, they were made. He invested his time and effort into continuous training of his court and knights of the future.

You are invited to join the Leadership Round Table today. By joining the Leadership Round Table you will be taking your future and the potential to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance in your career taking it into your own hands.

Are you Reaching Your Full Potential?

Are you tired of waiting for your turn, waiting for someone else or your organization to invest their time or money into training you to lead others?

If you are looking for the path to leadership, this program provides the map and the compass YOU need to serve others, develop yourself as a great leader, and achieve personal and professional growth contributing to your success!

No more watching others get the training and promotions you desire! No more taking months and years paying for training or college courses that do not provide you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your leadership skills based on what businesses actually want and need – what they are spending thousands of dollars each year for their employees to learn and apply.

The Leadership Shortage

For over thirty years I have been hired by organizations large and small, many of them employing tens of thousands of employees. They have hired me to assess, design, develop, and facilitate customized leadership training programs for individuals, teams, and executives.

Companies have payed tens of thousands of dollars to provide leadership training to their employees. This investment in their employees is considered a key strategic advantage. I have facilitated corporate wide leadership assessment programs and designed individual development plans achieving an 85% promotion rate for participants who have completed their training plans.

Organizations throughout the nation are experiencing an ever increasing gap in the number of competent, capable leaders available to fill key roles throughout the organization.

Organizations are investing over $360 billion dollars per year in leadership training at a cost of $1,200 to $20,000 per participant, depending on the level and amount of training required.

Because of the high demand for leaders, and there are so many capable people who are not getting the training they need; the time has come to share my knowledge, skills, and leadership training experience with any individual who desires more, anyone who wants to excel to higher levels in their career.

Great Training Develops Great Leaders

It’s the training, not the screening, that can put a high school graduate, who may have never driven a car, at the wheel of a fifty-million-dollar M1 Abrams battle tank. The technology in the tank may not be rocket science, but the Marine or Army recruiter knows that the candidate in front of him doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to operate the technology, drive the tank, operate communications equipment, conduct preventative maintenance, and utilize highly sophisticated weapons systems. All that is required is “tank school” and the desire to apply oneself.

With over 6,000 people, the average age of the crew on a $13 billion Navy Aircraft Carrier is 19. 19 year old kids working together sharing responsibilities and leadership roles to operate a small city on the sea. Recruiters do not screen or conduct assessments for leadership capabilities. However, the capabilities and success of each branch of the military is its ability to foster a culture of leadership and continuous learning – because of training. The leadership traits and competencies of all successful leaders whether in the military, manufacturing, construction, retail, finance or any industry are learned and honed over time through training, coaching, mentoring, and experience.

Just like King Arthur knew centuries ago, it’s the training, not the screening or recruiting, that creates leaders of all ranks. Every military drill instructor knows that leadership is something to be cultivated and that virtually EVERY person has the potential. And every drill instructor has experienced the pleasant surprise of seeing a leader emerge from within. The military recruits, hires, and trains tens of thousands of leaders each year from all walks, backgrounds, and experiences in life – many just like YOU!

If you have the desire and a dream to achieve more, you’re willing to learn, acquire, and apply the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of a great leader, and you are committed to sticking to the process, learning from your mistakes striving to become a part of King Arthur’s Leadership Round Table, this training is the next step toward achieving your hopes, dreams, and success in business and your life. Begin your journey to becoming a great leader and advancing in your career today by visiting

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