Silver Lining

Muse Staff2016 - June, Own It

When things don’t work out as you originally planned, stop and evaluate what new opportunities exist. The sooner you pivot to available options, the quicker you’ll see the shine.

Achilles Heel

Muse Staff2015 - October, Own It

What’s your weak spot? Find your vulnerability, and create a solution that might change the way things are currently being done. Problems are opportunities—if you act on them.

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Muse Staff2015 - October, Own It

People invest in people. Your idea may be important, but investors are placing a bet that you —not your idea— are a sure thing. If they believe in you, money will find you.

Devil’s Advocate

Muse Staff2015 - October, Own It

Evolve your idea into something even more amazing than it is. How? Get used to viewing things from all sides. And surround yourself with people who can provide a counterargument.