Customer Demand

Muse Staff2016 - June, Data Driven

Customer Demand

The buyers—not you—are calling the shots.


If you capture a million users, keep your mouth shut. Be silent and remain so until you are much larger. This increases the likelihood that a larger player in the industry will make an acquisition offer after you’ve demonstrated your success.
You’ve successfully disrupted a market, which will attract capital to fuel your growth.*


Many investors passed on AirBNB, with most thinking it was odd for people to rent out rooms in their homes to strangers. But in addition to a great business model and a great team, AirBNB had timing on its side. It launched during the recession when people needed extra cash, which wiped out the stigma attached to the concept.

Uber also was introduced during the recession, when drivers were looking to pick up extra money to supplement their incomes.



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